Why Have A Building Survey?

As time continues to elapse buildings are becoming more defective for several reasons.

1. Buildings are remaining standing for longer periods.

2. Local Councils reduced the volume of redevelopment areas in the 1960's (60 years ago). Prior to that time Local Councils were required by Public Health & Housing Act legislation to regularly inspect the housing stock in their area of administration and to put forward to Central Government Housing redevelopment schemes, therefore properties which only just escaped being bulldozed still remain in use.

3. Also during the last 60 years property owners have undertaken works to their properties by removing structural elements of their buildings, such as load bearing walls. In that regard, it should be pointed out that even the removal of chimney breasts can place a property at risk.

4. Another defect which has become more prominent particularly in blocks of flats is dampness which is usually caused by condensation and sometimes by defective plumbing in a neighbouring premises leaking. Dampness in flats is now a greater problem than in the past.

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