Our Full Building Survey Consists of:

Noting evidence of subsidence, the possibility of sink holes and landslip.

Noting flood potential of the site location.

Noting evidence of rising dampness, penetrating dampness and condensation.

Noting evidence of timber decay, and the potential for timber decay.

A summary of the local environment and its possible effects on the property.

Ground level inspections of chimney stacks, all roofs, eaves, gutters, rainwater pipes, external walls, window frames and window sills.

Internal inspection of roof areas, if access to roof lofts is possible.

Noting evidence of asbestos

Reporting upon means of escape in case of fire

Superficial inspection of the plumbing, central heating and electrical wiring circuits. Advising on specialist tests if appropriate.

Inspection of drainage system including lifting inspection chamber covers if possible.

Noting the position of shrub and tree growth within the immediate area of the property and its likely effect on the property.

Reinstatement Valuation.

Open Market Valuation.

We provide a free copy of our reports to clients’ solicitors upon request.

We give all clients the opportunity to discuss their reports with our surveyor at no further charge.

Our Home buyers Report Consists of:

A briefer version of the building survey.
It includes an inspection of the total property but concentrating principally on the major items of concern.
The home buyers report also includes a reinstatement valuation and an open market valuation.

Our Building Condition Survey Consists of:

An inspection of the total property but reporting principally with regard to:

Instability subsidence, landslip and sink holes

Dampness (rising, penetrating and condensation)

Timber decay parasites (fungal and beetle)

Severe disrepair (structural collapse)

The building condition survey does not include a reinstatement valuation or an open market valuation.

The building condition survey report provides sufficient information to decide whether to proceed with a purchase.

For example the fee for a small two-bedroom mid-terrace house which lacks extensions in Dagenham and Harold Hill amounts to £300 inc VAT.

Our Subsidence Investigation Survey Reports Consist of:

  • Survey of the part of the building affected with distortion and cracking
  • Geological Assessment of the site (e.g. clay/gravel subsoil)
  • Assessment of significant vegetation (subsoil desiccation)
  • Superficial location of drains and sewers (subsoil leaching)
  • Recommended remedial actions

Neighbour Building Construction Disputes and Party Wall Matters

We advise on party wall matters and accept appointments to act as a party wall surveyor under the provisions of the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

We invite property owners and occupiers to seek our advice if they or their neighbours are considering carrying out building work on a party wall or party structure, building a new boundary wall or making an excavation within 6m (20ft) of a permanent structure owned by a third party.

Leslie Hibbs is an active member of The Pyramus & Thisbe Club, the learned society which advises on party wall matters to Central Government and the professions (both solicitors and surveyors).

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